Capacitive sensing for advanced user interfaces

Here’s a very interesting post about capacitive touch interfaces.

Capacitive touch sensing is a popular alternative to mechanical switches and knobs in consumer electronics […]. In traditional designs, capacitive touch sensing is implemented by using a dedicated IC, while advanced user interface features such as proximity sensing, LED dimming, haptics, and liquid level detection are implemented with one or more separate ICs. Using multiple ICs increases board size, BOM cost, and time-to-market. In this article we discuss how to design advanced user interfaces using a single SoC.


Active Pickguard project for Kinetis Challenge

Eli Hughes made this awesome PCB pickguard for his entry in the Freescale Kinetis Make It Challenge. It contains a Freescale Kinetis ARM Cortex M4 processor with DSP extensions to process the guitar signal, providing both an analog and digital audio output.

He also release a video with the details of all the maths and physics explained, as well as the hardware design.

Code and schematics are available here.