Records from laser cut wood


We’ve seen previously how to 3D-print records, but this time the technique is using another tool commonly found in hackerspaces, a laser cutter.

Amanda Ghassaei tried it by engraving Radiohead’s Idiotheque into a disc of wood, and also provided the tools to transform MP3 files into PDF to engrave your own tunes.

It would be interesting to investigate several other materials to achieve a quality of sound close to a vinyl record. Anyway, the achievement is awesome !

Source: Adafruit.

3D printing records

This Instructables shows how to 3D print a record. The quality does not match a commercial vinyl disc, but the precision is high enough for the song to be recognised. We already knew how to pirate a vinyl record to make a copy, but you need an original, whereas the printing technique does not.

If you’re interested in knowing how vinyl records were (and still are) made, check out this video.

Source: Adafruit.