Motherboard PCBs

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter (the link is in the sidebar), here are the updates of the blog since the last post in May:

  • The Mobius Modular’s Motherboard has been reworked and produced with SeeedStudio’s PCB service (which I recommend to anyone wanting to make industrial-like prototypes in low batches, it can cost as less as 1$ the board for 10 boards, definitely something to check out). Also, it costed half the price I paid for the first version of the motherboard (though it was bigger) and I got 12 units against one, for the price of ten! And did I mention it took only half the time to manufacture it (2 weeks instead of a month).. Now I just hope the few bucks I invested in the 100% electrical testing are worth it..

  • The pictures of the Motherboard are available on Flickr.
  • I just received a package from SparkFun containing some tools to get to the hard work of assembling the SMD components on the Motherboard. I’ll write a review after a quick test to bring the (mad) DIY spirit back to the blog (have you ever tried to reflow-solder a PCB in a frying pan?)
Stay tuned for more crazy stuff :)