Mobius Modular

Some news on the Mobius project: I’ve been reviewing all my (old) files, specifications and drawings to see if there was a few things I could improve. And yes, there was one.

The Mobius was made modular. That means if you need a looper with 5 loops before the amplifier and 3 in the FX loop, you can have that, as well as one with all 8 loops in a single chain. This allows the Mobius to adapt to the guitarist/bassist’s set. But we can push the idea further.
A few remarks I have been given were that it was not possible to switch stereo effects without using two mono loops, and that there was no possibility to have parallel loops. This is now over! By introducing Stereo Send/Return modules, we can now switch stereo effects with only one module.
This is one example of what the modularity gives. More modules = more combinations, more possibilities.
Here is what I’ve been thinking about so far:
  • Stereo Loop board (Stereo Send/Return)
  • IO board with Mute relay
  • IO board with Mixer (to blend parallel loops on the output)
  • Split board (also called Y module, select an output or an input)
  • Dedicated Amp channel selector (to replace the amp’s footswitch).