Playing with QR code

You can insert a logo in the middle of a QR code, as long as some parts of it remain untouched.

I followed the following tutorial:

Basically, as long as your logo does not overlay with the code’s required pixels, you’ll be fine. Here’s a “keepout map” explaining where these pixels are. 

RSS Feeds

If you can read this message from your favourite RSS feed reader, then it means that the redirection is working!

Otherwise, if you don’t want to keep following the now-deprecated Blogger account, point your feed reader to the following address:

Why would you want to do that? Because:

  • The old blog will not exist forever
  • Better drinking at the source
  • You’d get a nice FSE icon instead of the Blogger icon, if your reader supports icons (okay, not the best argument, but still..)

WordPress migration

As you might have noticed, the blog has moved from Google’s Blogger to a WordPress, on a hosted domain.

I will no longer post on Blogger, apart from redirections to this address, and I will investigate on how to redirect the RSS feed to avoid re-subscribing.

Somehow, the Raspberry Pi could have been a good candidate for hosting WordPress, but I tend to move it from time to time, and I would have needed a domain anyway.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Moving to GitHub

I moved the MIDI Library, the MCO firwmare and a few other projects to GitHub.

However, SourceForge was great for storing archives of built products, so I guess I’ll keep GitHub for development and SourceForge for deployment..

Anyhow, I’m leaving SVN after a few years of service. So long, and thanks for all the fish!