Logic Pirate from Dangerous Prototypes

Logic Pirate by Dangerous Prototypes

The Logic Pirate is an inexpensive yet capable open source logic analyzer. For just 30 bucks it can sample 8 channels, 256K samples per channel, at a blazing (overclocked!) 60 MILLION samples per second! It’s designed to support the SUMP logic analyzer protocol on Jawi’s open source software that works on most platforms.

Its big brother the Logic Sniffer is great, but this little one looks more appropriate for simpler sniffing of all digital things, and more portable (always appreciated for hackers on the move).

Source: Dangerous Prototypes.

Arduino MIDI Library v4.0 is out !

The release v4.0 of the Arduino MIDI Library is now out !

You can find the changelog and download link here:

The documentation is available here:

The Arduino Playground page has also been updated:

Modern web development frameworks & tools

I’m learning how to edit and work on websites, mainly for work, and a bit to keep up to date with modern practices. Here’s a selection of a few tools I heard about recently that seem promising:

  • Sublime Text 2 – Awesome text/code editor, with an impressive collection of plugins and add-ons to make development so much easier.
  • Twitter Bootstrap – Scaffolding and utilities to build/design elements quickly.
  • Less – More horse-power for your CSS (variables, function-like and other tricks).
  • Emmet (ex. Zen Coding) – Quicker syntax for HTML structures and tags.
  • Laravel – Advanced PHP framework.
  • Git – Using git push to deploy a website makes FTP look like an old dinosaur.