Mooer Hustle Drive Volume Mod

I got myself a second-handed Mooer Hustle Drive mini-pedal, a Chinese clone of the Fulltone OCD.
Overall, these little pedals (I also have an Orange Ninety and a Green Mile) sound really good, are really well built and take very little space on the pedalboard. All that for an affordable price.

Mooer Hustle Drive - Top View

One odd thing I noticed with the Hustle Drive was that the Volume control was almost unusable: the pedal has a huge gain when the Volume knob is set fully clockwise, and it becomes attenuated enough to reach unity gain (same level whether the pedal is on or off) at around 2 or 3% of the knob position (on the CCW side), while the rest of the travel has little effect (massive gain throughout).

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