Mooer Hustle Drive Volume Mod

I got myself a second-handed Mooer Hustle Drive mini-pedal, a Chinese clone of the Fulltone OCD.
Overall, these little pedals (I also have an Orange Ninety and a Green Mile) sound really good, are really well built and take very little space on the pedalboard. All that for an affordable price.

Mooer Hustle Drive - Top View

One odd thing I noticed with the Hustle Drive was that the Volume control was almost unusable: the pedal has a huge gain when the Volume knob is set fully clockwise, and it becomes attenuated enough to reach unity gain (same level whether the pedal is on or off) at around 2 or 3% of the knob position (on the CCW side), while the rest of the travel has little effect (massive gain throughout).

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OpAmps 101

Dave at EEVBlog explains what Operational Amplifiers (OpAmps) are and how they work. The concepts of negative feedback, open loop gain, virtual grounds and opamp action. The comparator, the buffer, the inverting and non-inverting amplifiers, the differential amplifier, and the integrator circuit configurations are also explained.
Then a practical breadboard circuit to demonstrate a virtual ground and the effect of voltage rail limitations.

Source: eevblog

Arduino MIDI Library – QA round up

If you use the Arduino MIDI Library, and have found a bug or want to request a feature to be added, please do so in the GitHub issue tracker.

I’m currently rounding up the bugs, importing the old tickets from SourceForge, Twitter feed and e-mail sources, so that I can track them more efficiently, since the tracker on GitHub is really powerful and well integrated with Git.

In the next days/weeks I’ll be working on addressing most of these issues for the v4.2 release. Then v4.3 will be on its way with some changes on the settings system, which will allow for the same flexibility without the need to modify anything in the library files.

Thanks !